West Prasat Top is the counterpart for East Prasat Top. They share the same name because they have the same design and are located close to each other. However, the history of the two temples couldn’t be more different.

Very few tourists visit the dilapidated building and there isn’t much to see. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go! In fact, if you’re looking for somewhere to escape the large crowds, sit in peace and quiet, then this might just be the place for you.

Temple Facts


9th - 17th Century



Built By:


Dedicated To:




Best Time to Visit:


Length of Visit:

10 - 30 minutes

Temple Pass:


More information about the Angkor Temple Pass.

Prasat Top West Temple Guide


Prasat Top West is located about 1.5km from Prasat Top East. This temple, however, is just outside of Angkor Thom on the other side of the Siem Reap River. Nearby temples include Ta Keo, Ta Nei, and Ta Prohm.

Getting There

Like its counterpart, the temple is not too easy to find. There are no signs to show you the way and just a small clearing in the trees long the road from Angkor Thom to Ta Prohm. As you leave Angkor Thom by the Victory Gate, you should head past Ta Keo towards Ta Prohm. As you’re turn right after Ta Keo, you’ll see small clearing on the left side. The temple is around 150-200m from the road.

The small track is too small for a car or tuk tuk. You can ride you bicycle or walk into the area.


13.4422512, 103.8784604


Siem Reap: 15.0km

Angkor Wat: 10.2km

Angkor Thom: 4.0km

Banteay Kdei: 2.6km


Most Angkor tours will completely bypass Prasat Top (West). However, if you are exploring the temples on your own or you’re taking a private tour, then you can stop along the way to Ta Prohm temple. Many tours of Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm, Banteay Kdei, or Ta Keo will pass West Prasat Top. You can easily stop along the way.

However, if you’re part of a shared or group tour of Angkor, then you’ll probably not stop unless it’s specifically mentioned on your itinerary.


There are no hotels in the Angkor Park. Most guests will find a place to stay in Siem Reap town. Siem Reap has grown to be a large tourist town over the years and there are plenty of accommodation options available to suit all tastes and budgets.

As the world’s largest online travel agency, Booking.com has a number of special offers throughout the year and you can often find some great bargains.

Why Visit Prasat Top (West)?

If you’ve seen Prasat Top (East), then you might also want to visit this temple. Moreover, if you’re looking for a quiet place to escape the large crowds, then this is the perfect place. Few people visit this temple, so you might find it a great spot to relax and meditate.


Not much is known about West Prasat Top. There are inscriptions which tell about the site being used as early as the 9th century. However, the structure is post-Bayon. The materials date back from the 10th and 11th centuries and were reused from another structure. It’s thought that the current structure was built at some point in the 13th century as a Buddhist temple.

Morever, there are also some Buddhist carvings which exist from the 17th century.

Layout and Design

East Prasat Top’s tower was built on a laterite platform. The pink-sandstone columns and lintels contain 10th century decorations.

The central tower contains a lot of Buddhist imagery. However, most of this has fallen down and is barely visible today.

Parts of the enclosing wall are still visible as are fragments of statues and other carvings.


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