Angkor Visitor Code of Conduct

Angkor Wat attracts millions of visitors each years. It’s an active spiritual site for many Buddhists and Hindus who come to visit. It’s also home for many Cambodians who live in the local area.

In order to harmonise experiences and allow everyone to enjoy themselves whilst protecting the temples, there are a set of rules to help everyone enjoy themselves.

Dress Appropriately & Keep Your Modesty

It’s surprising the the authorities in Cambodia need to remind visitors to keep their sexual organs covered and not to engage in sexual activity when visiting religious sites in Cambodia. Unfortunately, after a few high profile incidents, it was need to remind guests to not take their clothes off or have sex in the temples.

Guests are reminded to cover their shoulders and knees when entering the temples. Both males and females who are not dressed appropriately, will not be allowed access inside any of the temples.

If you are caught exposing any sexual organ or are naked in public areas, you will be turned over to the police where you will be fined, imprisoned or deported.

Don't Touch the Vandalise the Monuments

Any act of looting is punishable by law. You will be fined, imprisoned or deported if you’re caught stealing or vandalising any part of the temples.

Even if your intentions are innocent, you can still be punished for any damage you cause.

Guests should not touch carvings, sit or lean on structures, or move anything inside the temples.

You should also take care that backpacks, umbrellas, high heels or tripods don’t cause any damage.

Be Respectful

Angkor Wat and the other temples are sacred sites in Cambodia. Visitors are expected to behave well throughout their stay. This means that you should keep noise to a minimum, don’t disrespect other people, and don’t be offensive.

Basically, you just need to treat others how you would like to be treated yourself and you’ll be fine.

Don't Go Where you See No Entry Signs

There are quite a few restricted areas throughout the Angkor Park. These are here for your own safety. In some cases, the restricted areas are not safe for visitors and you shouldn’t venture past no entry signs.

Some temples are in ruins and although most of the park is safe, there are some very unsafe places to visit.

If you do go past a no entry sign, you will be ask to leave the park immediately.

Restricted Areas

Protect the Environment

Littering is a problem all over Cambodia and even the temples can’t escape the issue. There are bins dotted around the park, so make sure that you use them.

Smoking is not allowed inside any of the temples. Cigarettes disturb other guests and when not distinguished correctly, they can cause fires. Especially in the dry season.

Smoking & Littering

Don't Give Money to the Children

Don’t buy items, give candy or money to children. This encourages them and their families to send them to work instead of school.

In fact, this rule applies all over Cambodia. In Siem Reap, you’ll see kids selling books and begging around the Pub Street area. There are plenty of adult sellers around who you can purchase things from.

Buddhist Monks

Buddhist monks are revered and highly respected in Cambodian culture.

Women should not touch, sit too closely, or stare at monks. It is against the Buddhist religion for Monks to have close relationships with women and these kinds of action will make them feel awkward.

Moreover, if you want to take their photo or a photo of anyone in Cambodia, it is polite to ask their permission first.

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