The Angkor Archaeological Park is home to the the world famous Angkor Wat temple and it attracts millions of visitors each year from all over the world.

The Angkor Park is one of the most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia and the world. The park covers a huge 400 square kilometres which contains hundreds of monuments and other structures which once formed part of the great Khmer empire.

Millions of people visit each year and use Siem Reap as their base during their time here. Over the years, Siem Reap has grown into a large and important tourist hub to serve the needs of visitors coming to see the temples at Angkor.

You’ll need a ticket to enter the park. You’ll need to keep it with your at all times. Read everything you need to know about the “Angkor Pass” including where and how to buy it, opening times, prices, which temples are included and more.

There are rules which you must follow when inside the park. It would be best to know what they are so you don’t mistakenly break one of them! The regulations have been created to allow all guests to enjoy their time in the park.

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